“To be empowered is to know who you are. To stand tall like a tree rooted in the ground beneath you. To be empowered is to be full of Self, to be so complete that there is no need to “suffocate” yourself under piles and piles of stuff. To be empowered is to know yourself as a divine spirit and an earthly creature and to hold on to this paradox with all your might and strength.”

Empowered is an inspiring and motivational online program that will guide you back home to Self. Together, in community we will do deep and meaningful work to support you in becoming a more grounded, self-assured and empowered woman.

"I created Eco Self-Empowerment™ (ESE) with the intention of fostering higher levels of self awareness, self compassion and self certainty in women. The vision is to empower women, through an eco based inside-out approach, to become grounded, centred, powerful agents for change in this crazy changing world.

We need a new approach, one that upholds the feminine, one that rises from the very earth upon which we make our stand."


ESE™ offers an approach that does not depend on material things to show or prove your worth. It does not rely on the exterior world or opinions of others to make you feel good. It is not based on competition or being “better than” others.

ESE™ happens from the inside out, it is an internal process that expresses itself externally. ESE™ is about living life authentically, being connected to yourself, the Earth and to a community of like minded people. Connection with the divine is also fundamental to Eco Self-Empowerment™. The idea here is simply that you feel connected and supported by a force greater than yourself.

The base of all practices in the Eco Self-Empowerment™ is the Earth. All that we do takes into consideration our planet. We show our respect to the life giving force of our Great Mother, the Sustainer, our lover, Earth. Without her there is no life, there is no you, there is no me… there is nothing. It is for this reason that we must align our actions with a sustainable way of being.

The Three Columns of Eco Self-Empowerment™

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Within this pillar we find the four attributes: self-worth, self-knowledge, self-care, self-parenting. 

These qualities are interconnected; they constitute the healthy fabric of our beings, weaving in and out of each other.


Once you have anchored your self-worth and deepened your self-love with delicious self-care practices. Once you have learned to meet yourself where you are at with compassion, being able to offer to yourself what you need in each moment. Once you understand who you are and what you are all about, there is no stopping you! 

You get to be unapologetically YOU!



Explore your connection with the Earth, Spirit and community.

By experiencing connection with the Earth mother, the Divine Spirit and a community of like minded women we find the strength and the courage to dive deep with within ourselves in order to raise up strong.

Eco Self-Empowerment™ Program

7 weeks to step into 
your power.

A program that will support you on becoming empowered, awakening your sense of Self, helping you to feel stronger and connected with the Earth and Spirit, whilst being part of a supportive community of like minded women.

This program includes wkly :
*Teachings on Empowerment (ECO SELF-EMPOWERMENT™).
*Sister Circles.
*Self-care practices.
*Integration work.
*Card reading.

Plus, online Community & supportive sisterhood.

*All sessions will be recorded so you can tune in at any time.

Program outline:

Morning mornings - Card reading, delivery of the intention for the week via videos and files + integration work.
(you don't need to be present for this part of the program, you can catch up in your own time).

 *Opening Circle - 1st of May at 7pm.

9:30- 11:30am - Circle gatherings.
Here is where we connect more deeply and explore the theme of the week. This is the most precious and magical part of the program. You want to take part in it.

Weekly Themes.
Week 1: Self-Worth.
Week 2: Self-Knowledge.
Week 3: Self-Care.
Week 4: Self-Parenting.
Week 5: Authenticity.
Week 6: Connection.
Week 7: Connection With the Divine.

*1 Yoga session wkly - you can catch up in your own time.

"Pollyana’s ECO SELF EMPOWERMENT program is a total game-changer… this is for you if you wish to nourish the relationship you have within, if you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are, your connection with Self, with others, with Mother Nature and with the Divine, and how they all weave together. I found Pollyana’s offering to be a truly inspiring, uplifting and rewarding program, that definitely left me feeling empowered, bolder, balanced, grounded and more connected with my wild woman, my heart, my body, my spirit, my womb, and my power as a creatrix!"
~Huia Takau

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"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are.” - Brené Brown

"My cup is overflowing. With love, joy, belonging and light. Pollyanna, this woman, rising in her power, has lovingly created and held a space which strengthened and supported every one of us beautiful souls, who gathered in circle and did the work. Our lights shine brighter. What an honour and a blessing to be part of her first ever Eco Self-Empowerment programme. Pollyanna has woven her abundant knowledge of yoga, shamanism, self-exploration, spirituality and her fully and deeply lived wealth of experience into a programme which transforms. If you’re ready for magic to happen and to step into your power, join this programme."
~Jann Barr

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