Tantra, Chaos Cycles & The Dark Goddess Archetype.

Online Programme - 19th of October to 30th of November.

How would your life be different if you could accept fully the knowing that the pain and suffering you experience were a normal and essential part of life?

What if you understood in your bones, moment to moment, that without the challenges and difficulties in life no growth, no transformation could take place?

What if society did't look down and push away the dark moments of life and instead created a safe space for them to be expressed and explored?

 Our culture focuses mostly on love & light, on the transcendent. We typically avoid the harder stuff, and allow no space for the chaos of life and the shadows that are present in each and everyone of us. In doing so we renegade HER, The Dark Goddess, the Earth itself and the immanence of all there is. The result? Superficiality, shallow connections, stunted emotional development, and an inability to experience the full breadth and depth of the spectrum of life.

I think you can agree with me that a substantial part of our lives is weaved with sadness, anger, grief, pain, sorrow... (the list goes on), when we turn away from the shadow places within our own selves, the places that hurt and cause pain we are avoiding our existence on this earth . We push the unaccepted parts of ourselves deep within, where they start to fester and eat us from the inside out, only to show up in explosive emotional moments that make us feel even worse. Making us feel that we are bad and that we must cover our darkness with smiles, politeness and words like "I am well, thank you."

Maybe there is another way?

This programme TANTRA, CHAOS CYCLES & THE DARK GODDESS ARCHETYPE has been created with the intention to help you to make sense of and embrace the chaos of life, to embody how essential it is to all of us and to navigate it with a little more grace, ease and clarity. 

In order to achieve this I will be sharing the ancient wisdom of tantric practices and principles; the universal archetype of Chaos Cycles and its structure; and the exploration of different Dark Goddess Archetypes, their myths and the valuable teachings that they share so we can come face to face with chaos as we move through it.

I have been studying and working deeply with the Dark Goddess in her various forms since 2020. At that time we were all going through a global chaos cycle; the pandemic also created very personal and intimate chaos cycles in the lives of many of us. During lockdown Kali became very present in my life. She turned it upside down and out of love asked me to change the way I was living, because I wasn't living a life that was fully in alignement with who I am here to be. It was a really challenging time, but it helped me to become stronger and to step into my power.

The programme starts on Thursday 19th of October and ends on Thursday 30th of November. We will meet every Thursday evening to explore TANTRIC TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES, CHAOS CYCLES ARCHETYPE & THE DARK GODDESS ARCHETYPE, including Innana, Kali, Persephone and Lilith. You will also explore how chaos cycles show up in your life and find better ways to face them. The group will be an invaluable supportive community during the 7 weeks of the programme. 


•Teachings and practices that will help you navigate the challenges of life.
•Understand myths and stories that can teach us reverence of chaos.
•Weekly online meetings - Every Thursday evening 7-9mp, starting on the 19th of October to 30th of November.
•Supportive online community on Facebook.
•Support in self-exploration and personal chaos cycles.
•One 1hr 1.2.1 coaching call.


This programme is for all genders.


Early Bird Price: £279 (Until 13th of September)
Full Price: £333
*If you desire to pay in instalments please get in touch.


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