Shamanic Counselling

Garden of the Soul.

Through a series of sessions you will learn Shamanic Journeying, connect with your power animal and discover your Garden of the Soul.

The Garden of the Soul is the place where your essence resides. During the Shamanic Counselling sessions you will journey to your inner Garden and from this place you can create healing in your life, connect with your inner power and tune into your divine spark.

When deciding to do Shamanic Counselling you must commit to at least six sessions. The space in between each session mustn't be more than ten days.
Sessions last for 1:30min.

See bellow the structure of sessions:

1st session:
Short introduction to shamanism + 15 min shamanic journey to encounter a power animal, this ally will be guiding you though out the sessions ahead.

2nd session:
30min journey into your Garden of the Soul.

3rd session:
30min journey where you bring a question into your Garden of Soul.

4th, 5th & 6th sessions build upon each other. All of them include a 30min shamanic journey into your garden of soul where you continue to explore the question brought forward on session 3.

*All sessions last from 1 to 1:30hrs.

**At the end of each session we will choose something you can do to integrate the shamanic journey. By doing so you start to bring the knowledge and understanding received in the journeys into your everyday life.

*Online sessions available.

"Today I performed a ceremony to mark my crossing the threshold from my old life to a new one. As the crescent moon waned, I left behind what doesn’t serve me well and stepped forward into a new life of opportunity and hope. This all happened because I attended six sessions of shamanic counselling with Polly, otherwise known as White Heron of the Dancing Island. I signed up because I felt that I needed a bit of support (don’t we all?) and because I am deeply connected with nature, already, so shamanism seemed a good fit. Each week you go on a shamanic journey, while Polly holds a safe space. You have the pleasure of her playing the singing bowls to relax you, at the start of every session. Every journey is different and Polly suggests things you can do between each session to support your healing. As she says “You have to do the work, meet the healing half way.” I can’t explain to you how it works, but I CAN tell you it has changed my life! I had lost my zest for life, without even really realising it. I kept putting things that needed done off until tomorrow and tomorrow and……Now if I see something that needs done, I just do it, there and then. My house is clean and tidy, ALL THE TIME, not just when visitors are coming. I have a list of things to do, that I never even used to start because it was too overwhelming. Now I’m looking forward to getting them done. It’s as if a veil of gloom, that I had come to accept as normal, has been lifted and the sunshine has come flooding in. I am filling up with energy, joy and light. I’ve stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, which is HUGE! This wasn’t an outcome I intended but, as the weeks progressed, I started to love myself more and wanted to take care of myself, rather than slowly killing myself. I’ve started to pay attention to the phases of the moon and plan what I do, accordingly. It’s not something I ever did before, but now it doesn’t make sense to me to do anything else. I feel that the healing is continuing, even though I finished the sessions over a month ago, and I’m sure it will keep on supporting me for as long as I need it. Polly said to me that she doesn’t do much, that the allies or guides do it all. But I disagree. Polly’s beautiful energy and loving attitude were an essential part of the process for me. If you’re thinking about going for shamanic counselling with her, do it! If you’re not thinking about it, think about it."

~Jan Barr

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