Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a holistic approach to healing that has been practiced by indigenous cultures for centuries. It is based on the belief that illness and disease are caused by imbalances in the spiritual, emotional, and physical realms. 

One of the main benefits of shamanic healing is its ability to address issues at the root level rather than just treating the symptoms. By connecting with the spiritual realm, shamanic practitioners are able to identify the underlying causes of illness and work towards healing them. This can lead to long-term and sustainable healing, rather than just temporary relief.

Shamanic healing also places a strong emphasis on the mind-body-spirit connection. It recognises that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can greatly impact our physical health. Through practices such as soul retrieval, where the practitioner helps an individual reclaim lost parts of their soul, and energy clearing, where negative energies are released, shamanic healing can help individuals release emotional blockages and trauma that may be affecting their health.

In addition to addressing physical and emotional ailments, shamanic healing can also have a profound impact on one's spiritual well-being. It allows individuals to connect with their inner wisdom and higher self, gaining a deeper understanding of their purpose and path in life. This can lead to a sense of inner peace, clarity, and a greater sense of connection with the world around them.

Furthermore, shamanic healing can also be beneficial for those experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. By working with the spiritual realm and accessing altered states of consciousness, shamanic practitioners can help individuals gain a new perspective on their experiences and find healing and resolution.

Overall, shamanic healing offers a holistic and personalised approach to healing that can bring about profound transformation and growth. By addressing the root causes of illness and promoting balance in all aspects of one's being, it can lead to improved physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is an ancient healing practice that seeks to restore lost or fragmented parts of the soul. It is believed that these parts can become separated from the soul due to trauma, abuse, neglect, or other adverse life experiences. When this occurs, it can lead to a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms, such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and a sense of disconnection from oneself and others. By restoring the soul to its wholeness, soul retrieval can help individuals to heal from past traumas, reconnect with their true selves, and live more fulfilling and authentic lives. It is important to note that soul retrieval is not a quick fix, but rather a journey of healing and integration that can take time and effort. However, for those who are willing to embark on this path, the rewards can be profound and transformative.

"After seeing Pollyana for healing I now have some much needed direction and understanding in my life. Pollyana holds a safe and comfortable space which gives you the confidence to relax and open up to the experience of whatever might come to surface. She has an undeniable intuitive ability to sense the route of an issue, and gives support and guidance for how to move forward. I’m full of gratitude for this healing experience and Pollyana’s wisdom and kindness."

~Merryn Thompsom

Shamanic Extraction.

Shamanic extraction is a healing technique practiced by shamanic practitioners to remove negative energies that may be impacting an individual's well-being. The practitioner locates the areas where intrusive energy is present, clears them, bringing client's energy field back into balance. During the process, the client may experience physical sensations, emotional shifts, or visions related to the release of the harmful energy. Shamanic extraction is believed to promote healing, restore balance, and facilitate personal growth by removing blockages and allowing the individual to reclaim their own power and well-being. It is important to note that shamanic extraction should be performed by experienced and trained practitioners who understand the nuances of energy work and the potential implications of removing negative energies.

What to expect?

•A warm welcome.
•A chat about why you have chosen shamanic healing.
•The healing go as far as you are ready to go. It can involve both - Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction and other healing modalities that have trained on. Eg: reiki and sound healing.
•The use of frame drum and other instruments during the healing session.
•As for any form of healing, you must meet the healing half way and do the integration work that we will discus at the end if your session.

A session can last up to 2hrs.

£80 per session.

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